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2.5 million cyber crimes committed

in UK in a year, says Office for National Statistics

A global study by the UN finds digital theft affects between 12% and 17% of the online population, while physical crime rates are below 5%.

In 2014, 47% of American adults had their personal information stolen by hackers - primarily through data breaches at large companies.

1 million malware threats are released every day.

Ransomware attacks surged 113% in 2016.

If you have an antivirus, recent studies claim you still have 74% chance of suffering a security break in your computer.

Cyber crime

12% - 17%


Physical crime


Yearly cyber victims crimes estimated

Victims per year


Victims per day


Victims per second


Victims Exposed


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Award Winning Security software
Award winning software to protect your PC against all kind of Internet threats.
Secure and automated backup and store of all your most important memories and files (GB below).
Backup capacity
Backup capacity
Backup capacity
Award Winning software to breathe new life into your slow computer.
Transferable Subscription (from PC to PC)
Transfer your subscription to another computer quickly and easily.
Upgrade Guarantee
FREE access to all software, feature and service upgrades and enhancements throughout complete subscription period.
Software install and uninstall service
We install new products you might have purchased and make sure installation goes correct and program is having the right settings for you. We also make sure you obtain complete uninstallations of any unwanted programs on your PC.
Updates and PC maintenance checks
Pro-active maintenance checks to keep your computer running smooth. Our agents will reach out to you.
Automated security and Productivity reports from your PC
VIP Treatment
Get updates and special deals before anyone else
Personal IT Supporter
Throughout your entire subscription period you will always have the same IT supporter allocated to you in order to secure the best, fastest and most continuous service possible.

Please note that all prices do not include VAT!

More than 600.000

Facebook accounts are compromised every day


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About us

AnyTech365 is a part of AnyTechCorp, which is a state of the art Call Center specialized in communication with private consumers and small business. AnyTech365 is solely focused on IT, PC and internet Help and Support.

AnyTechCorp is founded by a team of internet and security software entrepreneurs with several highly successful companies on our CVs. The cornerstone of all these companies has always been Retention, Customer Satisfaction and Service and Support.

These experiences and values have now successfully been transformed into AnyTechCorp and AnyTech365 which today is among the leading European based call centers having only one focus and that is to offer internet and software companies increased revenue and customer satisfaction by having our team of friendly and highly skilled agents talking to their end users.

We are based in Europe, Marbella Spain, which is one of Europe's biggest and most popular holiday destinations. This location is ideal and carefully chosen as literally all nationalities and age groups are drawn to the Costa del Sol as weather and lifestyle is intriguing for most. Therefore we are proud to say that we cover any country and language with highly motivated and native speaking agents ready to act on our clients' behalf and talk to end users!

Based on our founders extensive background AnyTech365 offer a ready to go concept which in days can be implemented and immediately will increase customer satisfaction and internet security whilst being online. It will also increase company's revenue, profit and credibility as one caring for their customers far beyond just selling its core products.

Please visit AnyTechCorp for more information.